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I don't know if it has an equivalent in the UK. According to the MSDS all it contains is naphtha, alcohol, and pale oil. It could be made at home by using "Coleman Lantern Fuel" and adding the alcohol and a two cycle oil to it.

I forget the exact ratios. I was going to add a pint of alcohol to one gallon to lantern fuel. I was going to use this mixture in the oil, just to clean things out. The pale oil (two cycle oil as a substitute) was going to be omitted when added to oil.

The exact ratios should be located with a search on this site. Be prepared for lots of hits for Seafoam. Might even be found under "MSDS", with fewer hits than Seafoam.

Also seems like a good "fuel injection cleaner" was mentioned as a substitute for Seafoam. Come to think of it that might be another way to search.

Broon542, I hope this helps and not add confusion.


I found my MSDS for Seafoam. It states: Pale Oil 40-60%; Naphtha 25-35%; IPA 10-20%
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