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I will second on all the maintenance issues
Fork oil
Molly on the rear splines and drive
time for new brake lines and flush of brake fluid
wheel bearings, front and rear

Most of all this and some others is the age and not mileage
regardless of what Goldwing you buy, much of this will need to be done, if the previous owner can't show you when it was done.

You will also want to look at Progressive springs for the forks, and maybe for the rear, also the alternator may be an issue as well.

there is more, just can't remember it all now.
Its your money, but see what similar GW are going for and see if it is comparable
You may visit with the owner and ask about all the listed items and see if anything has been done?? You may get him to drop the price once you have shown that you have a load of stuff to fix if you buy it.
Good Luck
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
Not open for further replies.