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Hey BFM,
Being as there is only "14,000 and some" miles on can bet that the only maintanance she's recieved is a few oil changes.
Things to take into account:
Timing belts will need replaced. Not from mileage. From being 17 yrs old.
It is an interferance engine. They break...she's done.
Fuel filter.
Air filter...Possibly.
Cruz and Sub filters. Age thing.
Oil & Filter. Due to condinsation.
Vacuume hoses. Don't forget you gotta pull the carbs to get the ones under the ruber mat.
Drain & refill the rear Diff gear oil.
That's just a few things off the top of my head that will need done pryer to any lengthy jaunts away from home.
Hopefully you're a DIYer like myself. Otherwise ya need to take the Labor into account also.
I'm new to the Goldwing world myself.
I just picked up my first goldwing 96 GL1500se (teal green) late fall 2012.
She has only 45,000 on her. I took the winter and did all the above maintanance and a few other things she needed.
She purz like a kitten now and a real confort to ride. Picked her up for a song...$4000. Best 4 grand I've ever spent.
Hope I've helped or atleast shed some light on the subject.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
Not open for further replies.