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SlipStreamer Windshield

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I'm doing a lot of work on my 96 GL1500 SE this year, and I have to stay in budget. One of the things I desperately need to do is replace the windshield that was ruined by the PO who apparently used an ammonia based cleaner on a regular basis. I've been looking at the SlipStreamer Windshield and it seems to be a good bang for the buck. I know some of you must have one on your bike. What do you think of it? Are you happy with it or in retrospect would you have spent more on a different brand?
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My new to me 1500 came with a slipstream , its the tall version(actually too tall for my liking)...but does the job, does seem to scratch easy,(could be from PO..) no matter how I try to clean one will be the Cee Bailey...good luck on your choice...

Ps. had to get some baker mirror mount air wings for buffeting...but that may be the nature of the bike...
I have one on my '98 Aspencade. I bought it off ebay a few months ago and its been great! Mine is stock size and came with the adjustable vent that my stock one didnt have and wont have a Goldwing without this feature.

For the money I find it an excellent product. Optically correct and not flimsy. So far it seems fairly scratch resistant.

I'm happy with mine on an 1100. A vent would be a good idea (I don't have one) and go for the stock size. Mine is the taller windshield and I can't see over it on the rare but dangerous occasion that it fogs up.
I got my standard size Slipstreamer from JC Whitney 7yrs ago and it likes the Novus #1 cleaner and Polish(blue bottle) the best. Tried the Pledge and it ALWAYS fogged up when it rained.
did you check out the Cee Baily?
I have the standard size slip streamer on my 1100 and I love it. I've had no problems with scratching using pledge to clean it.
IMHO. Best bang for your buck would be the F4 Custom Windshield. Highly scratch resistant, sheds water like a ducks back and you don't have to "baby" it when you clean it. Windex and paper towels.

I agree with newday777. I've been using CeeBailey products for several years now and love them. And they are reasonably priced with several options. I think the last one I bought from them last summer for a 1500 was around $154 shipped to my door. I've tried Slipstreamers, but they do tend to scratch very easy.
How thick is the ce bailey winshield for the wings, I had one on the st 1300 and it was really thick, I guess close to 3/8 inch, looking through glasses and full face shield and windshield was lot of plastic to look through, I have a v stream now and was thinking about changing it, it seems to be very thin and flex a lot. Solaro
I've got a 2" taller Slipstreamer and love it. I prefer to look through it rather than above it. I use spray protectorant( any kind will do) and a soft towel on it. In three years I haven't had any problems scratching it and bugs come right off with another application.
With patience I would think you would find a used one on the internet, or even here if you post in the wanted section :?
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