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hossners wrote:
Is this typical of GL1100 gearboxes, or should I be prepared for a trip to the shop?

Every once and a while (esp heavy exceleration) I get a neutral gear instead of 4th when up-shifting. Otherwise, the gearbox is good and strong.

Any thoughts?

And have a great Independence Day week-end, everyone!
hossners, I really don't think it's typical of the GL 1100, I believe it's more typical of all the older Wings with some miles on them. Just about every older Wing I have ridden exhibits that 4th gear miscue if shifted under power, at high RPM's, &in a hurry.

My 1200 was real bad until I learned to shift it correctly.

I have found (through a previous post on the subject on this site) that if you preload the shift lever (in the shifting direction) with your foot just before de-clutching it will then shift smooth as butter. That also works for all shifts & gear ranges. Since the preload learning curve, I haven't missed or ground a shift on my 1200.

I have also found that using a good PAO based synthetic 15W50 oil improves the shift feel & makes shifting noticeably smoother.

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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