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Good day!

My name is William from Lexington KY and have been a member here for some time now. You can search for my posts (willwilly).

I have owned several GL1100's and now ready to get into a newer Goldwing for the wife and I. First I need to clear the garage of two 1982 GL1100's, an Aspencade and Interstate (now naked), all my parts new and used, and even a trailer to tow it all home.

I want to start on this sight since it has been a great friend this last decade. I'm certainly not trying to get rich, just want to see if I can pass on all my stuff to a younger person that wants to piddle before selling

I'll start with the price, $3500 for everything.

Now for some descriptions and pictures.

First 1982 Interstate: It has over 66K miles but has been my KY country road cruiser these past 8 years.

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Fuel tank

As you see, I have taken liberties with the look. Chrome fenders, my first attempt at a custom seat, vintage Honda turn lights and chrome headlight bucket, vintage Honda wind screen... The motor is stock and has had the heads done. It runs well, new brakes, belts, carbs built with proper parts, Pirelli tires, all in good shape. Just took a ride this week. Clear KY title

Second 1982 Aspencade:

Wheel Tire Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Fuel tank

This is a relatively stock bike. It currently is not in riding condition since I took the fuel pump off for the above Interstate a few years ago. It needs work. The engine is good, again had the heads done, new belts, modern HEI coil conversion, progressive fork springs and rear shocks... The sound system works but moot since I use a headset in my helmet from my cell phone. It needs brakes gone through, most likely new pads and lines, aforementioned fuel pump, fork seals, tires (these are old and substandard brand). This would be a project bike.
Clear KY title.

Third: Texas Bragg 6'x12' Low Boy motorcycle trailer.

Tire Wheel Plant Automotive tire Vehicle

The trailer has new tires, new spare, bearing packed last year, new light kit, aluminum ramps, 2" ball, ready to go.
No title, will offer bill of sale. (don't need a title in KY)

This is a short list of what I have:
Rebuilt carb set
New fork seals
New front master cylinder
New set of Stainless braided brake lines
(All this was for the Aspencade)
Used Parts:
Assorted side bags
Various side panels
Two open face helmets with Hondaline intercom system (very retro)
1983 Cast wheels with new tires
1983 Trax forks
Chrome front fender (Honda Shadow, same as on the Interstate)
Motor vehicle Font Audio equipment Cameras & optics Machine

New parts. two new "Screaming Banji horns", fork seals, brake lines, starter rebuild kit, ngk boots with resistors, numerous gaskets...

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Tread Motor vehicle

1983 rims with new tires. Off brands???

Automotive tire Tire Sports equipment Plant Bag

Two nice seats. no rips...

Grille Hood Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Brown set of bags. I have another set in primer.

Automotive tire Eyewear Font Tire Bag

This is all from a parted out 1983 interstate.

I'm sure there is more but this is the big stuff. The point being, it all goes.

If you are interested, best we talk over the phone. Please PM me with any questions and I can add pictures the more I gather the parts. I'm not interested in selling pieces at this point, though I could make more money. But as mentioned, that really isn't the point.

Look forward to hearing from interested persons.


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I am so very glad I don't have the money. Otherwise I'd probably be on my way. A very good deal for someone that's for sure.
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Thinking more about this, I would accept offers of trade for a Goldwing 1800 in decent shape for two riders.


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I want to thank everyone for your help on this sale and suggestions on a replacement bike. All the items went to another member and transaction could not have gone any better. The key is pictures, honest communications and effort. I got to meet a very nice, knowledgeable and courteous buyer.

I'm still looking for that unicorn GW 1800 for my wife and I. I appreciate the suggestions to date and feel blessed to have such a great resource in this forum.

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