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Hello everyone!
I have a 1978 gl1000 with a Solex 34 pict 3 carb set up, apparently the previous owner started the conversion and mounted everything in place (manifold & carb) but no electrical connection to the electro magnetic cut off valve nor the choke heating element, for some reason the cut off valve in my carb is missing and I just wanted to know if it is totally necessary for this set up and have to order it or just plug it off
thank you in advance.

Ps: picture of my carb were previous owner just cover the threaded hole with a tire air valve you're seeing the part that goes inside the tire and it took me a while to realize that until I pulled it out I thought I was going crazy馃槀

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Back in the early days of emission requirements when combustion temps were increased an unwanted by-product was engine dieseling or "running on" when the engine was shut off. Manufacturers took different approaches to combat this and one of them was the fuel shut off solenoid. When the ignition key was turned on energizing solenoid it would typically pull back opening the fuel circuit to the fuel nozzles. Key off a spring around the plunger stem would push it into a seat blocking fuel flow preventing the dieseling.

Your opening where the fuel cut valve went is probably threaded for that type solenoid. A tire valve in its' place with the center being open is not what you want. Find a proper fitting plug that does not go too deep inside to close the port and you should be fine.
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I would be putting the electric fuel shut-off valve in again to restore the carburetors original design. As well as the electric choke. They were a good carb on air cooled VW鈥檚.
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