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Ok, so can someone fill in the following numbers for a 1984 GL1200?

Max HP @ RPM:

Max Torque (Ft/Lbs):

Top Speed (MPH):

0-60 MPH time:

1/4 mile time / Speed:


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Tpo speed: 118.7

1/4 mile: 13.11 @ 96.2

Still haven't found 0-60, except anecdotal, 3-4 seconds.

No HP or torque curve either.

Found this at '84 was the last year for the Standard version of the GL, and I'm thinking these numbers aren't for the dressed version.

GL1200 Engine type

Horizontally opposed 4-Cyl. 4 stroke
Liquid-Cooled belt driven SOHC w/rocker
arm valve actuation two valves per cylinder
Bore Dia: 75.5mm (2.973 in)
Stroke: 66.0mm (2.598 in)
Compression ratio: 9.0:1
Displacement: 1182cc (72.1 cu-in)
Adv [email protected]: [email protected]

Maintenance adjustments and capacities

Engine oil: 4.2 US qt (4.0 liters) After draining
Spark plug: X24EPR-U9 (ND), DPR8EA-9 (NGK)
For cold climate: X22EPR-U9 (ND), DPR7EA-9 (NGK)
For extended high speed: DPR9EA-9 (NGK) or X27EPR-U9 (ND)
Plug gap: 0.8-0.9mm (.031-.036 in)
Cooling system 3.4 US qt (3.2 liters)
Fork oil: 11.66 US oz (345cc)
Fuel Capacity: 5.8 US gal (22 liters)
Carburetion: (4) 32mm CV
Float Level: 9/32 inch (7.5mm)
Fuel pump: Flow rate Per minute: 500cc (16.9 fl oz)
Pilot screw setting: 3-1/2 turns out (under 6500 ft)
Tire size front: 130/90-16 67H
Tire size rear: 150/90-15 74H
Dry Weight: 600lbs (272 kg) with oil and
fuel tank: 652lbs (296 kg)
Veichle capasity load: 505lbs (229 kg)
Charging System: 360W @5000 rpm, Leakage 0.5 mA max.
Output volts: 14.6 volts 3000 rpm
Battery capacity/type: 12 volts, 20 amp-hours
Front Suspension: air-assisted telescopic with TRAC[tm]anti-dive
Rear Suspension: air-assisted dual shocks
Front suspension pressure: 0 - 0.4 kg/cm (0 - 6 psi)
Rear suspension pressure: 0 - 4.0 kg/cm (0 - 56 psi)
Seat Height: 30.7 inches (790 mm)
Overall heigh: 46.1 inches (1170 mm)
Overall length: 92.7 inches (2355 mm)
Overall width: 36.2 in (920 mm)
Wheel base: 63.4 in (1610 mm)
Ground clearance: 5.5 in (140 mm)
Valve clearance: Hydraulic auto adjusting
Final drive: 4.5 US oz (130cc) Hypoid Gear Oil SAE 80
Idle speed: 1000 rpm ± 100
Steering caster: 60° 00'
Trail: 118 mm (4.6 in)
Color: Black and Candy Wineberry Red
Front Wheel Bearings: 6302/6302 (Pair)
Rear wheel bearings: 6204RS (driveshaft side)
and 6304RS (disc side)


Twin disc front w/dual piston calipers
Single disc rear w/ dual piston caliper
Integrated braking system was standard on all models.

T.R.A.C. damper force:
1. Light anti-dive
2. Medium
3. Hard
4. Maximum anti-dive

Gear ratios

Trans Primary: 1.708
Trans Secondary: 0.897
1st: 2.643
2nd: 1.667
3rd: 1.250
4th: 1.000
5th: 0.829
Final Drive: 2.833

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There's immense drag, ive ridden without it. Mainly the windshield and Id hate to be without that - i got spoiled when switching to fairing bikes early on. I suppose a "buddy shield" would do the trick if one didnt mind the shorter windshield. Passenger would get drowned in the rain.
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