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I've seen lots of threads asking what folks wear - and I do pay attention. Since my 1500 got totalled last year I have always been on the search for Kevlar lined jeans - for big guys.

Lots of folks make the jeans - just not big enough for me. So I was restricted - to Draggin' Jeans. Which are good, and I have a pair - but they are not always available and don't seem to offer much variety in my size for the price.

Someone on here recommended Diamond Gussett brand and I bought them and used them exclusively on my recent trip.I also bought a great high quality leather belt from them - had an "Indian buckle" put onit at Sturgis. I am a total convert. They're comfortable, wear well and offer that - Kevlar lined protection (not too bulky on the liner either, just very comfortable).

And now in BLACK - YEEEEHAWWWWW (for the regular sizes now, Big sizes coming in 4-6 weeks!!!)

Thank you to whomever first mentioned it here (sorry I can't find the post) and thank you Diamond Gussett

I just had this exchange with their customer service:


I am a recent convert to your *Defender Motorcycle Jean W46-60 (I wear 46w, 32l) *I ride motorcycles everywhere and one of the internetboards I participate on there was another rider that recommended them.

I bought a pair and took them on my recent 6,500 mile tour of theNorthwest. Wore them every day and washed them when I could at laundryfacilities along the way – they held up to a daily beating and I ameven wearing them now back to work.

I am a full convert to your jeansand now support you in word of mouth recommendation every chance I get.Since I am a daily rider I would love to wear them every day – to work
- but as you know, BIKERS LIKE BLACK. I see you have made blackavailable in the Defender but the option is not available on your website in the Big size category. Please, please, please tell me I canget these in black – or will be able to soon.

Diamond Gussett Customer Service Response:

I will get it done on the next black cut in 4 to 6 weeks. David Hall
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