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Discussion Starter #1 is NOT an easy to learn web app, I have been fooling with this thing for 2 weeks now trying to figure out how to get it to do what I want.

I have discovered that the ability to Upload Images is not available until several hours have elapsed since the GPS device dropped the Location Point.... but when you glom onto what you need to do, it is a fun app to work with.

If you will click on my SpotWalla link in my Signature, you will see a page that "can show multiple trips" for the year.
that means, that I can create individual trips through the year, and have the Location drops show in that trip.

So far, I am only going to use just one trip, until I figure out the multiple trips later.

One feature that I really like, is being able to upload a picture onto a Single Location Track point.
when you look at the tracks, look close to see the Camera Icon


In this pix, there are two Tracking points shown. One is the normal DOT that both SPOT and Bubbler display on the SpotWalla map.
The one on the left shows a Camera Icon with the dot... If you click on that Camera/DOT an Info page will pop up showing all of the details for that dot... including speed if you happen to be moving ( this is optional by you ).

The Picture that can be uploaded has 2 options, a Small Image, and a Large Image.
The small image is displayed first as the 'Default Image' that you see.


here I chose a pix showing the front of the Tacora Mart marina gas station store.
what is neat, is if you click on that picture, it will display a Full Page image of a Full Size pix, just like your camera took it.


This store has all 3 grades of E-0 non-Ethanol pure gas.... wow!
I decided to take a picture of my bike in front of that pump,
and then upload it to the SpotWalla map.

works a treat.... you need to use SpotWalla if you are going to take a long trip, or lots of trips, and would like to keep a record of where you went, and a picture of a unique sign, or store front.

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I wanted to keep the 1st post "to the point" and not confuse the issue with the devices that SpotWalla can work with.

It was originally conceived to work with the SPOT GPS transponders.

Later, it was modified to accept the Android Bubbler app for Smartphones.
I don't know if that is available on iPhones or note, I don't own one.

Bubbler has a Free Version, and a Paid Version ( $9.99 )
the Free one will only hold 5 track points IF, it cannot find the internet while you are moving.

the Paid version, will hold at least 50 tracking points and then upload them when it finds either a WiFi signal to connect to, or your Smartphone is able to access the DATA internet directly.

at first, I used WiFi only just to see what will happen.
on the Free version, it retained only the last 5 track points, and uploaded them.

Today, I took a longer trip and let Bubbler Paid version see the Verizon Internet all the time.
It recorded all locations faithfully... so, this could be a poor man's SPOT transponder, sort of, no 911 capability unless your cellphone has a signal.

In short, this is a neat app that is worth learning to use.

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Did a little research, and the Pro version of Bubbler can store up to 1,500 Tracking points and will wait until it finds the Internet and then upload them to SpotWalla.

Bubbler GPS Pro
1500 stored positions
Track points as frequent as 5 minutes
Embeded pictures and message icons in

So, with me using a Tracking Interval of 5 minutes, that means that Bubbler could plot my course and wait for 125 hours before it lost any of my tracks.

so, for all practical purposes, I should just set it to use "WiFi only" which is an option it offers..... worst case, every 12 hours or so, unless you are going to Alaska, would just wait to upload the Locations. If you know it will be several days between WiFi locations, then I would use a much larger interval for the Track Points.

I just now tried 30 minutes, and 60 minutes for Tracking Intervals....
It will accept that and more.... that should handle trips to Alaska, surely one could find a WiFi signal along the way.

You could get fancy, and on long runs of several hundred miles between WiFi facilities, should the larger time intervals....

then, once you establish a base camp, set the intervals down smaller.

a very neat little GPS tracking app.

and all of this is "free" except for the $9.99 for the Bubbler app.
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