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stalling 1200

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I need thoughts, the 1986 1200A stalls while riding the engine just stops the lights stay on, sometimes you can hit the starter and it kicks right back on sometimes while still coasting you can flip the kill switch a few times and then it starts, sometimes you get to the side of the road and try everything and sooner or later it starts and then runs fine sometimes for the rest of the ride sometimes for only a couple of minutes. I have cleaned and sprayed the kill switch. And still puzzled, reading in the manual it mentions the vacuum advance stuff says it is regulated in the first three gears then 4th and od are different. could it be something in the vacuum i have not had a chance to check this yet i can not remember if it happens in the first three gears or just the last two. My gut says in the higher gears but no documentation. last night I was doing about 70 on the superslabs and it quit you can coast quite a ways at that speed. any and all advice would be welcome..thanks
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Pulse generator coils could be another possibility.
Simple stuff first.

Replace that stupid dogbone fuse!

Next is the charge from the stator OK and charging the battery correctly (if it gets down to 9.6v the ignition will shut off), also a worn out ignition switch (key) will do this too.
if flipping the kill switch and it restarts,the first thing i'd try is bypassing the killswitch circuit,if it still does it your next place to look should be the ignition switch circuit,your only chance of finding it is gonna be when this happens you are able to make some circuit checks while the mc is stopped,which most likely is gonna require riding with the false tank off
you might want to wiggle some wires etc with the tank off to try to duplicate the problem,hardest thing to find are intermittent ones
kicks in the a$$ are welcomed just thinking things through, if the lights stay on would it be the dogbone fuse? and sometimes wiggling the kill switch does help but sometimes it does nothing, the cranking on the starter for 2 or 3 minutes would seem to eliminate the low battery issue, could be a loose wire somewhere. the ignition switch is still possible i have flipped it off oad on several times during stalls and taken key out and re inserted. rode home in a torrential downpour last week stayed in third gear most of the way and it ran fine which started a new train of thought. any and all suggestions are great hoping to start taking things apart tonight if time allows. thanks again.
You are right about the dogbone. It can't possibly have anything to do with this.
Some of the symptoms resemble pulse gens though.

I had the pulse generator plug get loose and it caused some very interesting and unpredictable stalls/restarts. I found the problem by reaching in and wiggling connectors until things worked. That didn't happen the first try.
could this be a ground problem. would the ignition system or the engine itself, create a problem like this with a loose ground. this is thinking while at work. where it is easy to ask dumb question it happens all day here.thanks again.
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