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zonk3939 wrote:
My starter seems to disengage but spin for a few seconds after the bike has started.What causes this? I have a new battery and wiring.
Zonk, if I read your post correctly the bike starts OK & the starter disengages OK, but there is a long spin-down time after you release the start push button? Is this correct?

If the above is what you are asking then that problem could be caused by a couple of things..

The first is the contacts momentarily sticking in the starter relay.

The second is the starter (roller) clutch hanging a little so the engine back drives the starter after starting. (that will go away after you use the bike a while, unless you are using real thick motor oil in cool weather)

Another is wear in the starter allowing it to spin down for a long time (not sure if the Wing uses a starter brake inside the starter like a car or truck does).

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