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Stator problem or not on 86 wing?

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86 Goldwing Aspencade. 86,000 miles

Bike seemed weak to start so I bought a new battery this spring. Running fine for a few weeks on new battery but leaving work yesterday seemed a little weak restarting at work (not too bad though). Drove 30 miles. Restarted after fifteen minutes but seemed a little weaker. Drove 3 miles to get gas, then could barely turn over at gas station. Got a jump and came home. Hooked up battery charger and started fine this morning (so I don't believe the new battery is an issue).

Revved engine to 3000 rpm with multi meter and the voltage went from 11.8 to 12.5 when revved.

So, am I looking at a stator problem or something else? I've read 13.0 should be my voltage when engine is revving.

And if it is the stator, at this point, 26 years old, even though the bike looks like it is only five years old (I've maintained it well, repainted it, and all new decals) is it worth the time and money to rebuild?

I'm second owner but I bought at 5000 miles in 1990 and I doubt stator has ever been replaced.
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I have the original wire harness connector. I didn't cut and strip yet but disconnected and found about 6 ohms between legs and infinite to ground on digital meter. Ran engine about 3300 rpm and got about 42 to 46 VAC between each leg. Thanks for all the advice everyone. I'll drive it to work this week (with jumper cables just in case) and see how it goes.
I also was stuck at a few red lights on Friday and manually turned on the engine fan to avoid overheating. Perhaps I ran the fan a little too long while at low rpm. I lost the thermostat switch many years ago and the mechanic advised it would be cheaper to install a manual switch. Most of the time I like the option of turning the fan on myself before the engine gets way hot.
I didn't check the connection at the regulator/rectifier as I thought if that were bad I wouldn't see increased voltage at the battery when I revved the engine.
Replaced the regulator since that was easier but the problem remains. Looks like a stator is needed. Can't get more than 45 VAC or more than 12.5 V at the battery when revving the engine. Any more thoughts?
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