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Stock Windshield 2003 GL1800 dumb question .....

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Got a nice 2003 GL. windshield has a vent but I have been unable to figure out how it's supposed to open. There is a little black lever on the left and it looks like it should flip "up' or forward. The lever is roughly horizontal now. Vent is closed.

I've been unable to budge the lever and believe if I apply much more force I'm going to break something.

Suggestions anyone?
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It should pivot easily. Spray some lube onto it, the little ball bearing may be rusted.
If you live in St. Cloud, you ARE a Cold Rider! (I used to live in Minneapolis, so I know.)

One thing on the vent lever, you would think that pushing it up would open the vent, but it doesn't! Push it down, and the darn thing will open!


Just checked mine now that I'm home, and UP is open. So yours is just plain stuck!

thx guys. hope to get it freed up this weekend in advance of trip to
NC nest week to visit daughter in USMC
Vent Sticking

It could be that you need to loosen the two mounting screws to free up the jam, it might be worth it to loosen the screws and take the unit out and replace
If the lever is horizontal and the vent is closed...someone has had it apart and reassembled it incorrectly. On my 2007 Horizontal is open, lifted up to the 1 o'clock position is closed.
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