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Lyrkin wrote:
Did an oil and filter change...adjusted the air pressure front and rear...decided a test ride was in order.

Long and short of it, the bike ran always..

On the way back into town I noticed a zoomsplat coming towards me...the rider looked he was standing he approached me, the bike stood up too.

I was cruising at about 115kms...when he rode past me.. he was going faster than me...on one wheel.

I was impressed with the power of his machine...and with the fact that he felt he needed to 'show' me what hisride could do....I watched in the mirror as he lost control and crossed the center line headed toward the ditch.

He dropped the front wheel close to the start of the shoulder and managed to get it back onto the road..

I thought for sure that I was going to be turning around andstarting the clock on his golden hour...

My ride went from joy to oh my god...then subdued calm..almost a little anger..

Why people feel the need to PROVE themselves...and endanger others..I dunna..
cause they are bullet proof, and they couldnt care less about you man! rick
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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