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So what's in the kit? Some pictures show 3 syringes and 2 bottles and some pictures show just one of each?

I think it's a good idea to test.
Though I would not be retuning carbs myself based on the alcohol content in E10, to me it's just not that important and may vary too much tank to tank anyway.
It would be good to know which stations may have the best fuel on the most constant basis.
All 4 main stations are the same price in town here, talk about price fixing LOL
So if some have more Ethanol in the gas and others have less I would go for the less of course at the same price.

Also when paying the big bucks for "pure gas" it would be nice to test it to see if it really is.
I had ran Premium 93oct in my 95 before and she ran fine, then I ran it again at a station that claimed the 93oct was Pure Gas and the 95 ran crappy for just that 1 tank.
I know she runs well on E10 86oct and 87oct, and once on the E10 93oct, so I have always wonder why so bad on the Pure gas 93oct.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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