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I woke up and turned my cell on and I received a text sent last night by my son. I tried to respond and "message failed" to deliver.
I tried other people and it failed too. The data and phone calling works.
I google it, cleared the cache of the messaging app with no help. I restarted the phone.Nothing.I dont want to clear the DATA on the messaging app since I have important texts in there. Any ideas?
Just found out wife's texting does not work. She's in NJ now . She uses a different app

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Which app are you using? Which carrier? Sometimes an app will think it has a clear path to the Internet when it really doesn't (most common with captive networks, like you get in an airport or hotel or on a plane), so...

If it's one of the WiFi-capable apps, turn off cellular data and try it.

If no joy, turn on cellular data then turn off WiFi and try it.

Report back.

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for those important text messages, I would immediately export them to your email account.

I use Textra as the SMS app, that is easy to do with that app. but all should support that feature.

have you verified that your wife's ph won't text to anyone? not just you?

for both phones to quit, that relates to some commonality.

here is a backup method of texting for you.

use this link to send messages from your PC

all carriers offer this, and this link does not care which carrier is your home carrier.

and before you go any further, install this app and backup all of your SMS messages.

it will save to email, to SDcard, to internal memory ( not a good idea )
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