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'92 gl1500 Trike
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This is my 92, after an 84 Gl1200, then a 871200 with a trike kit, and was made an offer I couldn’t refuse on this one😂.
I love it, a world of difference over the previous rides, but 2 nagging issues im not crazy about: the biggest being the rear brakes SUCK! I took the drums off and it looked like the shoes were never worn (50,000 miles on her). I adjusted the adjusters, replaced the wheel cylinders, and made a cap adapter to use my Motive Products power brake bleeder to flush both rears and the front disc. I would think, being a car rear, that standing on the rear pedal would make the wheels lock up, but the rears still doesn’t “grab” well- a little scary. Any thoughts???
2- If the bike sits more than 3-4 days, its very hard to start. I was told to put an AGM battery in it for more CCA, but that didn’t help it start any faster, just more cranking time. Never smell gas, or no leaks on floor. Other than that, it runs great, has lots of power and gets around 34-38 mpg, which is better than the 1200 ever got!
Oh, almost forgot- its making a weird rattling noise over 30?, like a washer or socket or something rattling on the engine. I had a Honda dealer tell me this is normal on the 1500’s????
Its not all the time, and it can be from no noise, to a hint, to very noticeable. I did find a small screwdriver once, i even took all the fairings off, to no avail, and it’s definitely coming from the center of the bike. Not the front or the rear, and only around 30mph and above, and over 2800 rpms. I also replaced the timing belt tensioners, which quieted it down alot, but is this really normal for 1500’s?
This looks like a great site for information and help!!

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Hallo TrikeManDan

Welcome on this nice forum. Wish you al the best.
And good luck with your Wing.
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