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The bottom lining of my 1500 and the cowl

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With my '98 1500, I replaced the oil & oil filter. Took off the lower front cowl for access to the oil filter to replace. That's now being done & I put back the lower front cowl but had difficulties with the bottom lining. I don't remember if the bottom lining is supposed to be in before the cowl's back on or should it be outside of the cowl?? I had no problem with cowl back on but the bottom lining's outside of the cowl which I think is wrong as the wind will make it flapper. Is this the right way to go???
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Not sure what you mean by bottom lining. Lower fairing sides have alignment pins into cowl, then the filler panel between radiator grill and cowl is installed. Solid filler panel has lower tabs going into cowl.

The middle filler comes out before cowl removal and goes in after cowl is installed. I find it easier then to line things up. YMMV
This article shows the panels being removed, in addition to what DriverRider already posted:
Removing the oil filter can also be done without removing any plastic.
For your next oil change information.
RPeters, how can I remove the oil filter without removing the plastic, the lower cowl? The oil filter is behind the cowl. As for the bottom lining, there is the metal lining at the bottom of the bike so at the front of the lining, should it be into the cowl before the cowl is back on or let the lining be outside of the cowl? It will flap when into the headwind. I hope I'm making sense??
sounds like you have a belly pan on your bike.I would make sure it is inside or over the top of the cowl.
Is it a trike? They sometimes do have a belly pan.
Yes, the belly pan! It goes from the front to behind the motor or before the bike stand. Sounds like not all 1500's have that?? What's the purpose of it? Maybe it's not necessary? Anyway thank you saws-n-wings! I went back & tried again & viola, it's back in! DriverRider, no, it's not a trike. Do you have your belly pan on??
Ah- sorry- I did not understand that to be a belly pan. With just the stock cowl and no belly pan you can get the filter off easy without removing plastic.
Personally, I would not use a bellypan. They are intended to smooth the airflow under the bike for increased mpg (not noticible on these bikes), increase handling by smootging said airflow (again, not a concern on a Goldwing), and offer protection from road debris. I do not see the road debris issue as a valid 'only' reason to have one myself. Without seeing a pic if it were me, in my OPINION, I would just leave the belly pan off.
Unless it serves some additional purpose on a trike, which you have not yet stated you have or not?
rpeters is right about not having to remove the front cowling to change the oil filter if you do not have the belly pan installed. I have a pair of oil filter pliers and can easily remove the filter without the trouble of removing the front cowling.
Unless you have a good reason for keeping the belly pan on there, I would leave it off and put it on Craigs List or ebay to find another owner.
I can't say for sure about your belly pan, but mine was long enough that I cut the narrow part off, put in 2 rive nuts and holes to match in the big part of the pan. Now I have a 2 piece pan that lets me change the oil filter without removing the pan. Harbor Freight has a filter pliers that fits in very nicely and allows you to remove the filter. Fingers fit just enough to tighten it back up when putting on a new on.
Good info which I need to know about the belly pan! I think if it s just for the airflow or whatever, I don't think it's that useful so think I'll have that removed. Thanks again!!!

PS: Sorry, RPeters, I forgot to mention it's a motorbike, not a trike :) I'll have to put in a picture of it on my profile but I don't know where in the setting!
I tried a belly pan on my 1500 and took it back off about a year later because I really couldn't see any benefit from it. It was a two piece one but still hampered oil changes. Some make the claim it makes the bike handle better in crosswinds but I didn't see any difference. I've never felt the 'Wing was bad in crosswinds anyway and I've had plenty of practice to find out. Likewise I can't see how a belly pan could influence the bike's cross wind performance.
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