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The "Great Pumpkin" is for sale

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After many years & miles I am putting my '83 GL1100 up for sale. My 1500 is on the road now & just don't have time to keep both ridden the way they should. I have done many mods to it hopefully for the better - Installed an electric fuel pump with tipover switch; new front HEL brake lines; new steering head bearings; new front fork seals; powdercoated wheels, valve covers, timing belt cover, radiator grill & air shrouds, luggage rack; Complete Vetter package with Kenwood Marine Radio installed in the Cycle Sound; Dunlop ELite III's on front & rear (front tire in real good shape, rear will need replaced soon); Saddleman Travelcade Road Sofa; Kuryakin ISO grips with Vista Cruise; Chin spoiler slightly modified by a Beagle last summer; LED Stop/Tail lights installed in the trunk. 90,102 miles with new timing belts at 64,000. Anything I missed please ask. Mechanically very sound, ready to go anywhere. Asking $3200 OBO.


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i will miss seeing that bike at events
Oh Yeah, had another senior moment - It has a MOTAD stainless steel exhaust system on it. Great sound, no rust!
One of theses days I'm gonna learn to make a list so I don't forget stuff, but I'd probably forget where the list is. There is also a HID headlight installed.
i know i miss my 1100
All true facts, but I feel it's worse to let an old war horse just sit. With my work schedule I'm lucky to get to ride 2 Saturdays a month!
Remembered it has a Cycle Mate CB installed.
And I have laid hands on it several times. ;)
There goes another one... :sadguy:

NOT gone, its been re-appreciated!!!!!
Bumping up this, this is a great bike, has been well mantained and also, just had new fork seals and new stainless steel front brake lines installed. Have been on several rides with Lopeha and his 1100, has never let him down.:)
Thanks for the Kudos Gene!
I met this bike in person :) at 2 NASSIR meet n greets , lovely bike and rellay well maintained
A bump with a twist

The unfortunate thing about GL1100's is this, take mine for instance, there must be $10,000 in that bike.

If someone came along that understood the money, time, know-how, blood, sweat & tears that went into it.

They would offer me a Grand!

Sad but true!!
Come on someone, Andy has a wife and several 4 legged children. he needs to sell this bike.:)
Price reduction - $2800 OBO
I bid 2 1/2 diggers or Turdy tree fiffy. LOL

Sorry, a left over from NASSIR 5 LOL

I know the great pumpkin is a great bike and well cared for and ready to ride anywhere.
Really surprised it has not sold yet!

I'd probably snatch it up myself if I did not already have 2 1100's and 3 1500's at home, plus the seldom mentioned 1200 I never look at!

Come on folks, take a good look at this bike! It is a great bike!
Still available. Will have new rear shock seals soon along with making sure everything is ready to roll.
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