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So, hello, I am new to the f0rum and this is my first post so here's an intro:

I am Archae, I had a suzuki before this mðtorcycle but other than that this is my first bike. It's a 1980 GW GL1100. It has been taking the cold of the w!nter here in C0lorado under a tarp... for nearly 2 years. Before; it was garaged at my old place (It was well maintained and garaged by previous owner). Unfortunately after about a year of prepping myself for a [email protected] @broad; my plan fell through and the motourcycle ended up being the only thing I still owned worth anything. ... Sell it?
The gremlin meant too much to me to do that.
Though it's been slowly eroding in the w3ather, and I have very little idea how to maintain the Gremlin; I have held onto it.
So now onto my question(s).

I have 2 "MB Quart DKC169" speakers and a "W3 v2 Dual 4ohm voice coil subw00fer"

and for the amp I have a MTX Audio Thunder 4250D

Question 1: What do I use for wire?
Is 18 gauge 2 conductor speaker wire good enough?
Question 2: Power for the amp can come straight from the positive side of battery can't it? Are there any problems with doing this?
Question 3: Is there any way I can include the original speakers with this setup? If so, would the wire stated above be able to connect them to the amp?
Question 4: Do these questions feel a bit redundant?

The plan is to have the 2 speakers positioned forward in the two side compartments of Gremlin and the big sub inside the middle compartment, with this one I'm still up in the air, be it; facing forward/toward ground/facing up out of compartment with no holes drilled.
You know, so I can rock out a party in the middle of nowhere.
Of course im considering a screen of some sort to prevent [email protected] damag3 but I ha\/en't come across anything yet. tips?

I have gotten as far as stripping out all old audio equip including antenae/cb radio stuff. Currently I am cutting out sections of plastic so after I finish wiring and placement of amp I can make fiberglass covering that includes @ least one big gulp size drink holster. (If im going to make it mine; I might as well go all the way right?) Though, ^-that's beside the point, I have got to get past wiring first.


(Sugges7ions ((even of chastisement))are welcome, I'm a nub, please help me change that.)

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The original speakers will probably be poor for this. Upgrading the audio and keeping the old speakers is pointless. I'd take the power feed from the ACC terminal instead of the battery.
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