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Today just like the last few days we had gorgeous weather.
We took a motorcycle ride around Daytona loop.
Debra and Ray joined us on their black 2012 GL 1800
Once the loop turns around in Ormond beach we took a break by the ocean. There were posted signs of the whales that can be seen occasionally from the spot
Then we hopped on the saddle with the aim to have lunch by the river.
While were riding South towards Daytona we saw quite a few people with binoculars in thei hands looking out to the sea. I have spotted a whale myself and pulled over for a pic with my phone. The whale if you can spot it is almost directly above the person walking alongside of the beach.
This whale is called Right Whale.
Later we stopped at Hidden Treasure for lunch
A good ,short ride

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I believe you are mistaken, that is a left whale. :ROFLMAO:
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