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Howdy all,
my wife and I will be taking a trip from So Cal to Boulder Colorado in early July. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of the best route to take and the sights to see along the way? This will be our first long trip and would like to make a great one.
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How much time do you have?

How far are you comfortable riding in one day, typically?

Camping, or hotels?

Just interested in seeing scenery, or do you want stops along the way?
Im comfortable riding about 8 hours or more per day. We dont need to be in Colorado until July 1st and we will be leaving June 28th. Hotel stays would be our choice. Someone suggested The Arch's National Park and that sounds pretty good but still looking for more options.
The route through Zion, up 12 and 24 is a good one.
May be out of your way, however if you get a chance :

Million Dollar Highway, great scenery, good roads, and lots of friendly places to stop in the area.
I envy you!! My wife and I were in the southwest in 2009 for our 25th anniversary and we saw some great places. Arches National Park is a wonderful place as well as Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park (a truly amazing place), and Mesa Verde National Park. The Silverton Durango Narrow Gauge Railroad is a great time as well. I live in Central NY State and so I am not sure of a route for you to take, but I am sure that if you are able to visit any one of the places I mentioned you will not be dissapointed. We flew into Vegas and rented a car for two weeks on that trip in '09. If we ever do it again, I would definately look into either renting a Wing, or shipping my 07 GL1800 and catching up with it somewhere. Unfortunately at this time in my life, I wouldn't be able to get enough time off from work to ride the Wing all the way out and back...but hey.....that will be on my bucket list of things once retirement comes!! Enjoy your trip I hope you have a GREAT TIME!!
see and do

Thanks for the ideas and suggestions. I think we settled on stopping at the Grand Canyon on the way to Colorado and hitting Arches National Park on our return trip.
Jonnypar let's us see some of you trip details after it has happened. I hope to ride similar routes to do a round trip of 4400 miles in August.


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So Cal ? - is it your factory or are you workink there ? - i could need some parts for my girlfriends 1932 hot rods (two running and one project ).
A word of caution if going to the north rim of the canyon. Spend the night there, 'cause there isn't a blessed thing until you hit Tuba city. And precious little after that.
A more detailed image of the Sturgis- Bend Or section


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Take all the back roads you can. More fun and way more scenery. How much time do you have? All summer!?
Head to Flagstaff, up to Durango and yes north on the Million Dollar Highway(2 lane mtn road!) Into Delta to Paonia to Glenwood Springs, then east on 70 through Glenwood Springs Canyon (yes the best slab ride) and if you have time head north from Silverthorn (gas up) on 9 to Walden (gas if you are below 1/2) I think it's the 14 into FT Collins for @85 miles of twisties. So many roads to take. Take your time and enjoy the scenery.
Be sure and ride through Rocky Mtn Park and Estes Park and so much more. How much time did you say you have (not said above) .
We have about three days to get there so time is a bit of an issue. I'm going to take in every bit of scenery I can and file it away for a later trip. A trip that my wife and I will have no obligatrtions in Colorado besides getting there. This trip is for my daughters softball tournament so we have to get to Boulder by July 2nd.
Well Boulder is a great base of operations for day rides. Nederland, Gold Hill and a slew of old mining towns along the Ridge Road
If having to ride I70 which is purdy, take the road from Idaho Springs to Golden along the river to get to Boulder. Stop in Idaho Springs for a short break.
It now appears that my daughter may not be going to Colorado for her softball tournament after all, so, that frees my wife and I up to take in some of the rides and sights that are being suggested by you all. We will be leaving une 29th and coming back July 8th. That should be plenty of time to get in some great rides and views.
Yes, 6-7 days there will be a great time of riding in CO for sure!
If you're going this route You might look into going from Bend OR though the Sisters to Eugene OR on over to the coast.. Follow Hwy 101 on to Hwy 1 down to Monterey CA.. You route from Bend OR is High Desert to Tahoe.. Not much to see.......
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If you're going this route You might look into going from Bend OR though the Sisters to Eugene OR on over to the coast.. Follow Hwy 101 on to Hwy 1 down to Monterey CA.. You route from Bend OR is High Desert to Tahoe.. Not much to see.......
The real ride would be down to Crater Lake, over to Grants Pass, down 199 to Crescent City through the Redwoods, then cross over to Hwy1 at Leggett.
I thought he was going to Colorado?????
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