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Think I found my issue with 4th gear, GL1500

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pulled the bike apart today, once I got the case split and looked over the gears, I didn't see what Bobby showed in his pictures, everything looked fine at first glance.

Gear Auto part Crankshaft Automotive engine part Metal

I started rotating the shift drum, going through the gears, when I saw this nice little chip in the groove that moves the fork from 4th to 5th.

Auto part Engine Automotive engine part Carburetor

closer inspection showed rounded teeth on the inside of 4th gear

Gear shaper Gear Differential Rotor Auto part

and on the dogs,

Auto part Differential Transmission part Bearing Rotor

also some wear on the inside of the fork,

Auto part

looks like a little bit of this and that added up to 4th gear not staying engaged :(

while I've got it apart, how much (if any) play should there be in the shifter shaft? mine has a little movement, wondering if that contributed to it?

safe rides!!!

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The shifter shaft play is normal Jeff. Good luck reassembling everything. If you can take some pictures and post the up here, it will be a great help to others.
This should have been added to your original post on 4th gear popping out, not starting a new topic.
Hopefully a moderator will merge them but that makes their job complicated.
oh crap, thanks for the heads up, my apologies

Ya, you'll only get dropped in hot peanut oil then put out in the sand for the fire ants!
I can take it as long as they dont smear me with honey before dropping me in the sand! LOL
look like ebay hear you come! need to find a low milage tranney!
It seems to me that the shift fork is bent and isn't it even blue from heat? If all is correct the only part that should contact the synchronizer groove is the pads at the very end of the fork tips. It is normal to see some wear on the engaging dogs. I have heard of people who only have less than 1/2 of the dog left that worked fine. I'm going to think the fork is the biggest and probably only issue unless the groove is damaged on the synchronizer.
just ordered a full set of tranny gears from an 02 Valkeryie 1500 for 100 bucks shipped, I should be able to use Bobby's luck and foreknowledge to get mine together with the Valk gears. I really had to struggle with the 'used gears' idea but 100 bucks is a lot more palatable than 500 or so.

Parts should be here by next tuesday at the latest, looks like the next few days will be spent scraping gaskets, gonna try Ed's trick of paint stripper on the old gaskets and clean everything up.
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