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I live in Israel and thinking about buying a Goldwing from USA as in Israel it will be a collectors vehicle and its financially good because its save money,
And I love this motorcycle :)

I want to hear your opinions about old motorcycle like that, Mechanically, and what type you recommend to buy.
My budget is about 1500 - 2000$.

Also are the bolts in this motorcycle is mm or inches?

And I open to hear about more motorcycle the you can recommend..

Thanks a lot

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Good for you, getting a good solid m/c and saving money at the same time.

all of the hardware is Metric, so easy for you to find in Israel.

IF possible, it would be good if you can find someone from the USA to personally go see the bike in question, to verify that it is not all screwed up with after market wiring.... much better to find a clean, unmolested bike.

Miles are not a problem, unless they are less than 1,000 per year of age....
finding a bike with only 7,500 miles and it is 30 years old, means it set up somewhere, and the carbs, seals, and rubbers all dried up.

Hope you can find good history on the bike of your choice, maybe some of us can do some searching near our areas to give you a hand in looking.

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I had a 1990 Gold Wing for 6 years. It is a good year bike.

There were two models in 1990 (Gold Wing and Gold Wing SE).

If you have a choice, get the Gold Wing SE. It has a few nice items that are not on the Gold Wing.

The SE only had one color (Pearl White) and it was a special color (very pretty). The only year Honda had that color.

Check if the BAS recall was done. Some did not fail until years later....!!

Note: There is lots of help on this forum regarding service and maintenance on GL1500's (if needed).

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