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This is very close to "having seen it all".

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No link, no picture. ?

A blue question mark ??

I see a red X.
I see a red x and that is in no way considered having seen it all. :raspberry:
Blue ? Here. Maybe it's a pastie!!
I guess since I received it on my yahoo email, it cannot be copied/paste. Sorry.

Anyhoo, it is a picture of an older fellow with a grandchild(?) as a passenger and an elderly lady in a wheel chair strapped down on a flat trailer. Maybe someone else can post it

Nope, now I just see the IMG file link to your local computer.

Man, now we are all overly curious as to what this is.
Paitence folks. Another poster has received an e-mail from moi and will post the picture soooooon.
Your still not there.
That link requires one to be a member to view pictures.
Only in Texas!

This bug don't look too big until you realize that that's a 2"x4" it's sitting on!


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1 - 16 of 16 Posts
Not open for further replies.