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oh, crap... do you know the story? got a link?
Is that pink(ish) looking fabric the air bag. If so I wonder if it helped.

OUCH - That's the armor from his/her jacket laying beside the bike too!
By the looks of the scenery he can be thankful he ended up there and not 20' down the road
that looks very very bad a lot of pain or not conscious. i don't want to think that happened to one of us.:praying:
Ouch! Bet it still runs tho....:ssshh:
Be interesting to know which way he was going and how he got on that side of the guard rail..
Well, if I had to hazzard a guess as to how that bike got where it is I would say that it was traveling the direction it's position would suggest. I would say that the guard rail ends about ten to twenty feet back the other way. I would say that the rider came into the turn way to hot crossed all the way over. Went around the end of the guard rail and got that far before not being able to go any farther/finally was able to get it stopped.
oh, crap... do you know the story? got a link?
Google to the rescue....

4 pages to the story...
That is a very good write up and I am glad that you found it Silicon Sam.

After my personal accident with a Penske 18 wheeler, I ride a hell of a lot more cautious than I used to.

I no longer press it to the limit of adhesion going through the twisties.

I no longer go faster than the Speed Limit.

I no longer go through intersections assuming the other guys will honor the Red Lights.

I no longer ride beside a truck or car, I stay behind them, or get the hell out of the way in front of them.

I no longer keep riding forward if an on coming vehicle is slowing down for a Possible Left Turn in front of me.

Call me chicken if you like, but my attitude took one hell of an Adjustment when that 18 wheeler tried to kill me.

I am so glad that the rider of the yellow 1800 survived and see the beginning of another day. What ever it was that caught him, I suspicion that he was riding close to the limit of adhesion and a wind gust, or animal, or a dragging peg caught a hole in the road, or ????? something pushed him to the wrong side of the road.
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The article brings up something I never thought of ... renting a satellite phone? Anyone done this before?
I would bet its merely cosmetic damage and he baled before going down. Probably got cut off by a nutcase cager.
You need to read the article I posted the link to. He baled because his arm was getting ripped off by a poorly designed guardrail end.
Bad, really bad. Something like that makes me seriously think about giving up riding, especially with all my disabilities. I ride a lot in the mountains and canyons of northern AZ. A lot of it is very similar to where this happened. All it would take is one tiny mistake, or an encounter with a car on the wrong side of the road (I run into quite a few of those, I keep a close eye out for them) Many crotch rocket riders go down up there, most are seriously injured, some are killed. But most of them ask for it, by their downright irresponsible and reckless riding and serious speeding. I doubt that had anything to do with this accident. In a way he was lucky, but he lost an arm. His life will never be the same again. Will probably never ride again.
Guess I will be slowing down on the curves now.. for starters..
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