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I'm struggling... why do these cables cost £40 each?
How does a bike shop justify charging £85 an hour for a spanner monkey when Siemens charge £100 an hour to send a specialist engineer in to the middle of the Amazon jungle to make sure a power station doesn't explode?
because they can :(

my son is one of those Specialists for Siemens........
and their going rate today to send him to a customer's location in the USA is measured in the $1000s of bux.....
I think he said they charge $15,000 for him to go give Training Sessions to the end user's maintenance crews :
that's 3 days of training, he flies up Mondays, and flies home on Fridays.

in the last two weeks, I had mechanics working on my truck, getting ready for this NASR-14 trip.....
$125/hour is the current rate thanks to that idiot in the White House.
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