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Coot wrote:
englishted wrote:
GWEddie wrote:
Coot, didn't you try to turn the engine by hand after you fitted the belts and before starting the engine? If you did and it turned without locking up, then it sounds like a belt slipped after you did start the engine. Half a tooth off is not unusual for a Wing, I just can't see how half a tooth off would do this.
Eddie is right, the timinghad to be several teeth off for this disaster. But Coot already knows this from one of his posts. Just turning the engine by hand before starting would have save all this and this is what every mechanic in the world does after fitting new belts because it's common sense.
I also think a used engine is a better option. Once I read about the bent rod and the damaged bore that was enough for me to suggest another engine. Much cheaper for a start. Also if a guy manages to wreck an engine by getting the belt timing worng, I'd have to question his ability to rebuild a damaged engine without making other errors, no offence intended but that's just the way I see it.
Hey englishted, for one thing I'm not a mechanic by trade, I own custom cabinet shop. The timing marks on the right head are very faint, a little raised speck above a indented mark. I've worked on fiats, vw's, jeeps and boats and have never seen two totally different timing marks as there is on the left and right pulleys (Fiats have dual overhead cams). And yes I should have turn it over by hand but I just wasn't thinking about it at the time. The belts had been on fortwo years before I tried to start it, back then I should have testedit andturned it over by hand but it wasn't ready to run. I screwed it up but I can afford to fix it. Coot
I know you must allready be feelin' bad enough - eh? I'd be kickin' myself in the as* for a long time after that one!!!! Try and get an engine off ebay or other source. Post a request, "help, engine needed". ....but really, nobody's rich enough to make too many mistakes like that. Good luck!!
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