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I have those feeling now and then. Especially if I have been off the bike a lot like I have been lately due to medical issues. But like you, I think about it only when I'm not riding. Never when riding.

I commute in Atlanta, GA and Marietta, GA and many would consider that suicidal, although I have seen worse around Seattle and Kent WA.

There are a couple of things that keep coming back to me... the clock is ticking... and use it or lose it.

I have always lived like a short good life is better than a long horrible one and I don't want to get up to the pearly gates regretting what I was afraid to do.

To offset that I have taken steps to minimize the odds of that problem.

Headlight Modulator and bright running lights are number 1.

Rear wig wag helps but I don't know how much.

Picking where you will be and when... Commuting at specific times and days is predictable. Being in those same places where the non-normal worker patterns and people are there is a whole different and riskier problem.

I try not to ride anywhere during the drinking holidays. I can wait till the next weekend or before.

Choosing the highway is better sometimes than others as well.

Sitting at home waiting for being confined with an oxygen hose up my nose isn't an option for me right now. I'll take the risk to live a little now within reason. Otherwise... what the hell is there? :?:?:?

Just my personal take on it.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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