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Hello ChasW,

I think most of us worry about the safety issues involved in riding on two wheels. The main worry of course is the crazy 4-wheel drivers out there, who these days are more distracted from their driving than ever before by technology.

If some idiot isn't swerving into your lane because he or she is on the phone, they're doing it because they are "texting" while driving. Good Lord, most of these morons can't drive well without those distractions, let alone with them. Hopefully this practice will soon be made illegal despite the cell phone company lobbyists.

That said, my wife and I have decided to continue riding. I just turned 60 this past weekend. (I married a younger woman!) This decision doesn't mean that we aren't worried about the dangers on the road, rather it means that we stay contantly alert to any and all vehicles that are anywhere near us as we ride. We never exceed our capabilities as we ride, and we ride conservatively and according to existing conditions.

We rode for 30 years and took a 10 year break. Now we are back riding again and enjoying it even more. There will come a time when I physically can't ride, or when my faculties will be too diminished to ride safely. When that time comes, I'll quit.

In the mean time, we will continue to ride. We'll say our prayers asking for a safe journey each time we get on the bike, and put it in the Lord's hands.

Best regards and good luck with your decision.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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