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Hi folks,

I currently have a 1982 Yamaha XV920RJ- the "European Virago". Have liked it overall, but looking for a more comfortable bike for myself & wife.

Just ran across a '79 Goldwing, bare, with 8.5K miles on it. It is clean and stock, except for fairly new aftermarkent exhaust and new seat cover. It looks great, but:

* My "Great Bikes of the '70's" magazine points out that the '78-'79 bikes suffered from EPA tinkering

* I wonder if the bike suffered from "lack of use" -entropy?

* The bike has a low speed wobble (something new to me) -slightly cupped front tire.

I took a test ride- It took a little while to warm up, not bad, though. Everything mechanically worked, though a comparison between it and my XV920 in acceleration and handling shows it lacks luster.

Question: Is this model a dud to stay away from, or a treasure to mount new tires on a perhaps a fork brace? ( I would plan on leaving it bare except a backrest as a concession for my wife.)

Any thoughts or observations from experience would help me make a better decision.:1000darkblue:
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