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I figure this does belong in General Motorcycle area as I want to know about riding the area and other bike related stuff too.

I just found some land I think may be a decent price, not sure yet. I need allot more info about the area and land up there still.
Also if folks in the area could ride out and check the exact parcel and take photos it would help a great deal! Maybe a small group so I could get various opinions.

How is the area up around Tomahawk WI. for riding. Many good roads?
Mountains? Twisties? Etc.? Is it an area we would want to ride 300 miles or more to get to for a weekend Meet & Greet? Are there many tourist attractions to draw bikers into the area? Is the area worth investing time and money in?

Are there many campgrounds in the area other than state parks?
State parks are ok but can be too restrictive for group stuff or alcohol etc.. in some places.

When is about the riding season up there, and camping season? I expect winters are a bit rough, so how many good months to ride and camp?

For anyone living near the area, any Idea of zoning's, codes, restrictions, and other typical bull? Loved WI. when I lived around Burlington and Lake Geneva, but there was lots of bull and over taxing and over pricing I did not like also which is why I moved south. I do miss the 4 feet of snow at times though LOL

I been up around Wausau, WI. several times and like the area allot, and rode up around Tomahawk back then also though it was so many years ago allot may have changed by now.

For those knowing of the area and maybe living nearby, I'd like all the bike related and land related info you can provide. About how much does 40 acres normally sell for?

I'm looking at a 40 acre parcel off HY 51 south of Tomahawk, but land sells pretty fast where I found this listed. I once spent 2 days ( Thurs. Fri. ) researching some land in AZ. and then it was sold on Monday when I offered to buy that parcel.

For anyone interested, if I bought this 40 acres my plan is to make a campground and open several other businesses on the grounds also.

If only 15-20 people would be interested in unlimited lifetime camping for about $20 a month ( $240 per year) for 5yrs, and this location works for my plans as far as GOV. junk, then I'd do it for sure.

Same thing for AR. as I am looking for land in Arkansas also but not found any yet.
Lifetime camping rights ($20 per month for 5 years) and free admission to concerts on site, discount or free food at the restaurant, cheap beer, cabins at slight additional charge ( maybe $10-$20 a night ) once I build them. Several free food cookouts per year for members ( a charge for non-members ), and much much more as I add it for free or large discounts.

In looking for places to build I am looking at many options.
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