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Hi knowledgeable peeps!

My GL1500 has a tow-hitch and electricty socket fitted. When I attach a trailer to it, none of the lights do lighting up. The indicators at least work when I attach it (the trailer) to my van, so I'm fairly sure it's the Wing Wiring that's dodgy*

Given that the previous owners seem to have added, patched, hooked in & generally messed about with the wiring in a totally random and horrid fashion, I'm guessing it's just a matter of tracing the cables and re-patching them slightly more nicely.

Do y'all know if there's a proper place to patch trailer electrics in? in the top box, or under the seat, or ???

Does anybody know if the standard Wing wiring loom will cope with the added load? Esp. the brake lights and indicators. The head & tail lights I'm guessing will be fine.

I was thinking of replacing all the stop/tail, indicator and trailer tail lights with LED bulbs. What sort of fitting are the bulbs? Just standard motorcycle types?

I've fitted LED indicators before, and I've got a LED ready relay on the SVthou that I can rob for the time being, so that's not a problem.

*the van also has dodgy electrics :-(
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