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Trailer facelift

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My harbor freight trailer with the car top carrier was beginning to get real cramped with the little women's " absolutely necessary" items that I had to do something. With limited funds I decide to just build a stake body out of 30 bucks worth of cedar. I will make a couple of removable ribs for the top to support a tarp. We love to camp when we travel so most of our stuff is stored in plastic tubs which will fit rather well in the trailer and will help with waterproofing. I will keep you guys informed as to how it works but it doesn't look to bad. Once I put some sort of stain and sealant on it, it should last for awhile.


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I like that a lot, Good job! :claps::claps::claps:

Very functional now, not just for camping anymore.........
thats great
ITs prabably more versatile now to use year round . I Like it .
Very nice!
Looking good there. Ideas,Ideas,Ideas
Now if you could just find a hog to put in it!:ROFL:
"Goldwing tows Hog"
I have always wanted a stake bed trailer... just cause it would be so danged cool to have the guys at Lowes load three bags of mulch into it.

Cha-ching! Serious style point ensue!

Great looking trailer... BTW... great looking 1100 too. Mine looks about like this right now:

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