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Trailering a Wing

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I have hauled several Wings on my trailer. I always tie them to the lower triple tree in front and snug on rear crashbars to hold rear straight. My concern is with the Wing I just purchased, 1996 SE, is the front forks. There was no air in the forks when I picked it up. When I got it home I put 5 lbs in them. If trailering will it blow the seals if the air remains in the forks or should they be drained? I know we don't trailer Wings! Sometimes there is no other choice. My 1200 Aspencade I always let the air out, it was easy. The forks on the 1500 are not as simple to put air in.
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The few times I trailered my 1500, I had no air in the forks and the front suspension was about 1/2 compressed... That worked well for me over the 1500 mile trip...

I have never reduced the air pressure in the front fork prior to trailering. Unless you have a slow leak down issue I think you should be fine. Half compressed is also what I do and I have read that this is the way to go. I read somewhere that you shouldn't use the crash bars for a rear anchor point, better to take off a panel and try to get to a higher point on the frame.

Good Luck.
I trailered mine ~ 4500 miles last summer.

I took the recommendation of my local m/cycle shop owner, and purchased a bike buddy, then tied to the handlebars. The "bike buddy" is a strap that fits over the grips and has an adjustable tension strap between the grips, with loops to attach ratchet or std m/cycle straps to below the grips.

I learned the lesson on NOT tie-off to the saddle bag "crash bars", the hard way.:sadguy:

I usually stop after the first 50 miles to check tires and bearings for heat, and also check the tie-downs. At that point all looked fine... BUT... After ~ 400 miles, I stopped for fuel, and checked tie-downs. Where I noticed the rear of the bike had shifted slightly and the rear straps were loose.:?

Upon closer inspection, I noticed the crash bars were sagging downward.:? When I pulled on them, they readily sagged even further...:wtf:

That's when I noticed that one of the bolts appeared to be missing... What I found upon removing the other bolt, is that ALL the bolts were fractured, and one had the bolt head missing...:doh:

So I removed them completely, then ran the strap through the rear wheel with a chunk of carpet I keep in my tie-down equipment box, for keeping straps from rubbing thru on sharp edges, and ran the strap thru the rear wheel, then around the tire and back thru the wheel, and snugged it down.

Had NO further problems for the rest of the nearly 4000 (+) miles I trailered it.;)
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