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Trike tire pressures

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Hello again, a few months ago I found a thread on this forum that discussed the best tire pressures to use on a goldwing 1500a trike, can't seem to find it now (could be an age thing i guess) but I forgot it so need to see if someone here can refresh my memory on rear tire pressures and front tire pressures, my rear tires are 225/16 radials and front is a new standard Bias front tire. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Front 41 or 42psi
Here's a little write up I did to help determine the right pressure for you:
Water down a flat paved area(driveway).
Pump the rears up to about 35psi.
Start riding the bike forward/reverse over the wet paved area letting small amounts of air out until you see a full tread width flat tire track left in the wet pavement.
Check the tire pressure in each rear tire.
Repeat this process w/the various way your trike will be loaded and record the pressures for future reference.
That's how I arrived @ 24psi left and 26 right for my normal settings.
I do not know of any trikes that 16 to 20psi would work on???? Most recommend even higher than I run!
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