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On 290 West from Austin to Junction...

I stopped to drink beer in a historical cemetery. (just before bed, and without risky riding for sure) and several of the markers said, "killed by Indians", and many people were dead by 30. Felps family was well represented.
It was something I probably have ridden past 50 times in 50 years.
The details are poignant, yet anonymous.
Texas is interesting.

Why anyone would want to live in West Texas, is beyond me.
The Spanish were only interested in New Mexico. They realized the desert East of there was a wasteland and not worth settling. I'm thinking that with some cooler heads and less weaponry, Mexico could have had a pan-handle sticking up into the U.S. West of San Antonio (nice place!) is just desolate.

We could have sold it!!!!!!!!
They regained the whole California. Oooops!
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