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Piaggio MP3, was 02 GL1800
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It is pretty difficult to get a precise MPG reading on only 1 tank, or only 100 miles behind you.

Pumps are not all calibrated the same, the bike is not at the same precise vertical position, and stopping the pump at the precise amount of fuel from the tank opening is just about impossible.

air bubbles abound in the fuel tanks.....
you won't get a true MPG reading until you have consumed at least 20 gallons of fuel, and then calculate the results.

My Suburban has a 32 gallon fuel tank, and the MPG results from one fill-up to the next fill-up are all over the place, and that is with pumping in approximately 26 to 28 gallons every time. I am never able to use the same pump, and usually a long ways from the same gas station.

this pix is from an Android phone App called "Fuelio", note the MPG readings - and this is on one trip from Georgia to my home in Okahoma.

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