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I too have a tall Slipstreamer that I mounted 3 years ago.

This is the tallest windshield I ever had and I was planning on cutting it down.

BUT, The plus's outweigh the minus's.

The Buffeting experienced by both Rider and passenger are reduced by a factor of 5.
The difference is truly amazing. The wife loved it for that reason alone.

What really sold me is the tracking has improved so much I no longer fear passing a tractor trailer on the interstate. Before on a windy days it was kinda iffy feeling, and the buffeting was tremendous. Even trucks in the oncoming lane were a concern. The sudden blast of air would lean the bike right over and you had BETTER have both hands on the bars.

On Windy, Gusty days while riding the interstate Highways I have had the stock windshield actually fold down and almost slap me as the windshield bent and flexed so much.

Now the bike is much more stable riding and tracking is no longer a concern.
I can again ride one handed while passing at speed trucks in any direction.
And gusting wind no longer concerns me.

I have ridden for hours in the rain.
With the slipstreamer, the rain beads up and runs to the top at any speed above 30mph.
In a pouring rain I have beads of rain going up and coming down on the near side of the shield.
It has been discussed elswhere on the forum about adding tubing to the edge of the windshield may shed this rain at the top. I need to test this to see if it works.

There has been only once in the last 3 years where I was affected with fogging of the shield.
I was coming off a mountain and entered a fogged in valley. The windscreen fogged up limiting visibility. I just stood on the pegs and kept riding for the 3 or 4 miles I was in the valley. I'm quite comfortable riding while standing, and everyone should practice this for numerous reasons. I do it to give a butt a rest at times as I hate to sit too long.

Now this windshield has no Coating of anything on it since new as it is still so clear.
I use pledge on other windshields and I love Plexus on the crappy windshields.
But I have kept this one clean as a test.
So Fogging may not be an issue if I had used something to prep the screen.

But standing is still a quick fix in my book and I urge everybody to try it and get comfortable with it.

I stress this as I have a couple of buddies that have rode for years and will never stand while riding, They are scared too. They don't feel in control or something.

Maybe we need a seperate post to see how many can, and do ride while standing.

Let me know what you think.

C Ya

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