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Turn signal issue, GL1500

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Hello all,
I have a small issue with my 88 1500. It has the lower turn signal corner lights, when I turn the left signal on the left corner light comes on and goes off as its suppose to. When I turn the right signal on, both corner lights come on and they will not go off until I turn the left back on and cancel. What I've done so far is remove the turn signal switch and inspect and clean, found nothing out of order,
Anyone have any ideas where I need to look?
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Each cornering light has its own relay cable tied to the radiator side frame rails. Swap them over and see if the problem goes to the other side. If it does, you have a bad relay.
If the right position light is not coming back on when you cancel the turn then the problem is probably in the switch. There are 2 sets of contacts in the turn signal switch, 1 set for the signals and the other for the position lights whic also controls the cornering lights.
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I swaped the relays, no change.
I will look at the switch again.
You may need to check the connector block on the left side of the bike above the fan shroud, and the con. block above the right fan shroud. This is where the turn signal switch plugs into. It has 2 plugs into the left and 1 into the right side of the bike. Check for any loose terminals bad wires corrosion etc.
When mine failed it was a terminal in the block that had backed out slightly.
That's exactly what I did, started on the right side and cleaned all the connectors, but I found the problem on the left side, black 4 pin connector, it had some bad corrosion, so will I was in there I cleaned all the connectors on both sides, put terminal contact grease in all of them to keep them from corroding again. That solved the problem, everything works like it should now.
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