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Two GL1500 questions

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1. Anyone know of aftermarket company, making rebuild kit for GL1500 clutch hydraulic slave cylinder? My Wing a '95SE. Recently bled clutch system w/DOT 4 [do this every Spring for 12 yrs.]. New fluid turned very yellow again in 3 days, so internal contamination is obviously present. Already rebuilt entire brake system last summer & it was BAD!

2. Has anyone had GL1500 exhaust collector box [@ front of mufflers] rot out? Was shocked they cost $800+ new! Have 3 sons who are skilled welders. Pondering having one of them fabricate home-made replacement for me [maybe stainless steel?] when mine finally goes kaput. Would appreciate others' opinions. Do not intend use of aftermarket exhaust system; HATED loud pipes on any on the 11 cycles I've owned.

Thanks for any input. TTFN.....Old Tom aka papasmurf in NH :waving:
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Can answer question 1. I have ordered parts from them and they are OK.
+1 for Parts n More...

I too have used Parts n More several times and can easily recommend them. They had quality parts that I needed and were reasonably priced. Shipping was reasonable too.

I have used their parts on my 1100 and my 1500.


32-0150 GL1500 clutch slave cylinder repair kit

To question 2
I had my original collector box rot right out ( along with the rest of the exhaust ) but replaced it with a full stainless steel system from Motad. Not too loud , just slightly louder than stock and it should last longer than I will.
+1 on the K&L slave kit. Georgefix on ebay has a good price.

There are posts on the collector box rotting out. Salt air and salted roads along with short rides do in exhaust systems as you well know about it there in NH! Same on the bikes as on cages.
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