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Good day all,

3 weeks ago I bought an Ultimate Tall Boy unheated seat for my 2018 Tour. Due to my decision not to ride during this virus mess I have not put a mile on it!

This is not a discussion about weather or not you should ride, to each his or her own. Please refrain from commenting on my decision not to ride.

Now the reason for the post.

The seat does not have a backrest. I have a stock seat with a Hoppnel backrest that is very nice. Anybody know if it will work? Looks like a different mounting system but what do I know?

Also, does anyone know if the Ultimate backrest is year/seat/brand specific? In other words, if I am looking for a used Ultimate backrest are they all the same? Will a used Ultimate backrest from any Ultimate seat work? Seems like it may.

Thanks for any input you may have.

Oh yeah, one more thing.........


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It might help to call the maker of the ultimate seat, they might be able to answer your question.
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