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Using Earbuds on a 1500 - Advice?

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I'd like to simply plug in some high quality earbuds on my '98 SE. Is there an adapter that would plug into one of the the 5-pin sockets that would then accept a 3.5 mm male plug?

I have both helmets wired with Chatterbox units, but I seldom use the CB and never use the intercom. I think I'd enjoy the much higher sound quality...and not having to use the big coiled cable...that the earbuds should provide.

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OK, a little more research yielded an eBay link that gave me what I want. I'll need to buy an additional coupler, but they're dirt no problem.
You will most likely need to invest in a volume control as well. Put a connector on the 1200 for the wife. Nearly blew her up.
You may want to check the specs on a "DIN" connector before you buy that. I am not certain, but I don't believe that the 5-pin on a Goldwing is a DIN connector. DIN was a European audio connector years ago. You might find one on the back of an old stereo.
The 5 pin connector on the Wing IS a DIN connector...

It is a DIN connector.

I have used the old DIN plug from an older keyboard successfully to conect stuff before.
I bought connectors from sierra 5 pin on one end, female on the other, ear buds plug right in....thinking I may need volume control for passenger..good luck
Thanks guys. I didn't know the system volume doesn't work for the passanger (which is what I'm sensing here). If that's the case, I'll plug into the driver's outlet. I found quite a few adapters from different sources ranging up to about $60 + shipping. This one was about 1/10th that price and that's why I chose it. You know what Ben Franklin said: "The cost of gas saved is miles down the road earned." ... or something like that! Anyway...the savings can go into the fuel tank where it'll do the most good.
In the info seller doesn't say which 3 of the 5 pins he is using as only 3 are required. For the Honda system pin 2, center is speaker ground and 3 and 5 are L & R channels.
Thank you for the information and comment Wayne...that sequence seems to be pretty standard, but you're's unknown at this point how the adapter will actually be wired. If it doesn't work...that would be the most likely reason.
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