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Ijustrolled the odometeron my 2000 Valkyrie Tourer. Iam terribly spoiled by the Valk. There was no substitute and they don't make them anymore. Needed to replace a few things between 98k and 100k miles ( about $3000 worth ) so I decided I didn't want to drive across the country on it anymore. So I found a sweet deal on a loaded 2008 Wing still in the crate! So now I'm spoiled all over again and I'm ony @ 3K miles. I spent a lot of time on theValkyrie Riders cruizers clubforum. Great guys with a lot of know how. This seems to be the same deal for Wingers! I look forword to picking your brains!

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Hey! :waving: from Hamburg, NY
[align=center]THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO BE![/align]

If you have Goldwing Technical Smarts - GIVE IT! :2finger:

If you need help - ASK FOR IT! :blushing:
If you know of an event coming up or a cool ride you went on - SHARE IT! :banana:

Check out the events thread about the big meet-n-greet (NASSIR 3) for next summer.

If you have a joke or funny story - TELL IT! :cheeky1:[/align]
If you have prayers to give or need some - FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, SAY IT! :angel:

If you have anything bad to say to or about anyone on this forum - STUFF IT! :whip:

[align=center] WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!!
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