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snoops wrote:
Ihave a 1984 aspencade in Northern Canada.

I have had the heads lifters etc off at the dealers and inspected.
There was no wear and the exhaust valve was re gapped as well as all the valves.

My Problem is .

I get a intermittent banging like a valve on carbon which is annoying.
AsI said it comes and goes at various speeds. Ifhave to I pull in the clutch, shift down, shift up and or drive through it. The noise seems to come from the very back of the head on the shifter side.

Do you have any suggestions like valve spring , lifters etc any thing else I can check with out rebuilding the whole head out to find I still have a knocking going on.
Soops, did you make sure the clearance of the exhaust rocker arm shaft & center exhaust collar is equal? If not that couldallow a pronounced tappet noise. I presume by "the exhaust valve was re gapped as well as all the valves" that means the tappets were shimmed correctly? Other than that if the anti-foamers aren't plugged so you are getting good oil flow & the cam lobes aren't worn I don't know. Those 1200 engine do seem to have a little valve clatter at certain RPM's. On my personal 1200, changing the oil to a synthetic PAO 15W50 significantly lowered the lifter noisein the1500-2500 RPM range on a hot engine.


1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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