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Hello again, everyone. Second post here.
This time I did some research before posting, so hopefully I have avoided embarrasing myself.

I have removed a bit of weight off my '79 gl1000, including the vetter fairings and side bags, rear fender, etc...
My question is; can I bolt the headlight that was on the vetter fairing back into the oem housing? It looks to be the same size, but looks like it mounts into the bucket differently. I can manage the wiring myself, but everywhere I look for information does not specify if you can swap the headlight back to stock.
I assume, from what I have tinkered around with, that I will need to order some kind of mounting or trim ring that fits the headlight back into the bucket? Or do I need to strip parts off the headlight to make it fit back in? The headlight is physically the same size, I guess i am just lost as to how you put it back on the stock bucket.
I hope this isn't a subject that's been beaten to death, everywhere I look produces little help.
Thanks in advance, guys.
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I'm relatively certain the headlight trim rings are different. Did you have a big rubber diaphragm covering the stock headlight bucket?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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