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voltage regulator for a gl 1200

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I have seen several post about installing a pore boy altenator that said to install in line a regulator so you dont get battery feed back when the engine is not running. If that is correct, what kind and where would I get what I need?
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Possible use of a 'Blocking Diode' on the BCL so the battery cannot return power through the alternator, but there is a diode pack inside to prevent that. Unless it's a safety that the designer want you to put in place.
The diode sounds like it would be great, now what kind and where do I get one?
In my first question I used the wrong word, (regulator) I should have said, relay? when wired up it has a one wire to the battery, voltage goes both ways. when not running, 12 volts go back into the alternator which will burn up something. I think I need something that will break current flow back to the alt. when not running.
voltage check

It's the job of the regulator/rectifier inside your new alternator to prevent reverse current.

A fuse is good but many installations forgo this.

Bottom line is that you're over thinking this.
You may be right, maby what I need to do is volt check my car on the battery feed wire as it is not running.
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