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Newfiewinger wrote:
Is there any advantage to installing a voltmeter on my 84 ASP?
Grant, yes, there's a big advantage to having an operational voltmeter on the older Wings.. Those older Wings are prone to electrical malfunctions (especially charging related) so having a voltmeter in plain sight can give you early warning of an electrical issue & allow you time to get to a safe pull over or repair facility before it quits completely. A voltmeter in many cases can allow you to see electrical issues as they start to effect your bike so you can address those before they they become costly or destructive.

Personally I wouldn't have an early Wing without a functioning voltmeter.

As far as downloading installation instructions- here is a basic install set-up

Almost every voltmeter installs differently. Personally I use an analog meter that is mounted on the L/H handle bar & is wired directly to the battery through a micro relay that is controlled with ign switch power.

For a quick installation, all you need to do is get the voltmeter, mount it (that is the problem area on an older Wing) then ground one wire from the voltmeter, then hook the other voltmeter wire to the fuse box's accessory terminal (it's that easy). For a more accurate reading wiring directly to the battery is best but that takes some electrical knowledge to pull off.

Kuryakyn- has a decent easy to mount voltmeter that should work out rather nicely on the older Wing.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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