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W.T.B Trailer

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I am looking for a good used trailer to pull behind my Goldwing, (GL1500) something that needs work is fine with me. Please let me know what you have. I am willing to travel to get one. Thanks
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I posted this one for sale and didn't have any takers. There are a few others posted I believe.

I might be persuaded to take a little less.
Price isn't coming down.
What does that trailer weigh? Is it metal or fiberglass?
What does that trailer weigh? Is it metal or f
Which trailer, there are two listed on this link:
mine is metal but I don't know the wt, it's not heavy maybe 250#.
Not sure what your definition of 'needs a little work' is.
I B located in Waukegan, IL. if that's close nuff.

I will part with ONE of mine.
1.) Is a (original priced) $400 Harbor Freight for $150
. . . It's a little rusty but solid enough. Has 2 good tires.

2.) Is a Snowbird single, and is a 2 inch square steel tube frame, $700
. . . why so much? I installed elec. brakes. A rather costly near $300 addon.
BUT once you go trailer brakes, you may never go back. They ARE that nice.
I also extended the frame 16" behind the wheels. Overall length is just under 12 ft.
I also added extra cross rails to the frames middle for floor support.
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